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The Theodor Schneller Institute was founded in Jerusalem in 1860 by the good male Reverend John Ludwig Schneller and its members continued on his path, continuing their charitable work there until 1948, when the Palestinian catastrophe came. After that, the devoted graduates of the institute rushed to intensive contacts with the Schneller Educational Association in Germany until the land was purchased for this great charitable project in the suburbs of Amman in 1951   His Majesty King Hussein, may God rest his soul, laid the foundation stone on 11/11/1959 and inaugurated it  His Majesty the school on 11/11/1966 

Location and borders
The institute is located on high hills north of Amman, the capital, on the Rusifa road leading to the city of Zarqa. The land area is 664 dunums, the institute is surrounded from the east as well as from the north by the “Hattin” camp for the displaced people of the 1967 setback. 
The school was registered in 1959 as a charitable educational endowment in Jordan
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